Saturday, October 21, 2017

Contribute directly to our Forest Healing Project

You can now be a part of Polwaththa's Forest Healing Project (FHP).

The 5-hectare land in which our 12 Lodges stand is fully covered by a range of trees, some of which are unknown to even the locals.  “Polwaththa” in the local language means coconut estate which was so, until we allowed nature to take over, letting other endemic trees share the land, thus converting it to what is now called a “Kandyan Forest Garden”. 

We have now gone beyond our boundaries in promoting re-forestation by purchasing our neighbour's barren lands – so caused by the felling of trees for quick money, in a program called the “Forest Healing Project” where we re-introduce endangered plants and live in harmony with the forest – more information can be found in the previous post. Besides the benefits to the local community and the environment, this project helps to off-set the carbon foot-print of our visitors, especially of those taking long-haul flights, by planting new trees. So, feel good when you are staying with us, knowing that you are contributing in some way to becoming carbon-neutral - a burning issue that will soon determine the future of our planet. The partnership with a few like-minded Dutch individuals has given this project an international flavor and the scope to make a major contribution towards this cause. 

To support the Forest Healing Project we have constructed 2 lodges which can now be booked. This is an opportunity for you to get involved and directly contribute to this project. 

The Victoria View Cabana 

(starting from US$ 91,-): An even larger bedroom and balcony built from wood, commanding a breathtaking view of lake Victoria surrounded by majestic mountains. It also has a kitchen with refrigerator & electric kettle and the “cell” - a small bed-room below the cabana with the same great view – total 5 beds, 450 meters from the restaurant. When taking the somewhat long walk to and from the restaurant on this jungle-path, you will be accompanied by a “guard”. Alternatively, you could have authentic Sri Lankan meals at our affiliated village home 150 meters away or even have them brought to your room for a nominal extra charge. When taking this room, you will be directly contributing US$ 15,- per night to the Forest Healing Project.

The Corner Lodge

(starting from US$ 77,-) So called for the remoteness. Made from cement bricks and covered by clay with veranda – 2 beds, jungle view, 500 meters from the restaurant - guard provided for this walk, kitchenette - mini fridge and electric kettle. Option to have meals at our affiliated village home 100 meters away or be served by them in your room for a nominal extra charge. By staying here, you will be directly contributing US$ 10,- per night to the Forest Healing Project.

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